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Bitcoin To Replace Gold, Mark Yusko Predicts

Bitcoin will replace gold in the future, according to the latest predictions. Check out what hedge fund veteran Mark Yusko said about the subject below.

Bitcoin will replace gold

It’s been revealed that a popular hedge fund manager says that Bitcoin (BTC) will eventually replace gold, and predicted the fact that the king crypto will hit a six-figure price tag.

In a new interview with Stansberry Research, veteran hedge fund manager Mark Yusko of Morgan Creek Digital predicted that China will be the home of the next world reserve currency, but that Bitcoin (BTC) will replace it sooner after.

“There’s only one money in the world: gold. Everything else is credit, everything else is a currency. Currency is backed by debt.”

He continued and said the following:

“Every central bank in the world has gold, some of them have less than they used to because they moved off the gold standard and went to a fiat standard where they could devalue the currency faster because they had too much debt, but where is the gold going? It’s going to China, which I believe will be the next global reserve currency, [but] it’ll eventually be Bitcoin.”

Yusko continued and explained:

“In the future, Bitcoin wins because it is an asset that exists in the absence of a liability, which is what the definition of money is.”

At the moment of writing this article, the crypto market looks great and Bitcoin is trading in the green. Now, BTC is trading at $17,349.

Bitcoin bullish predictions

A crypto strategist who correctly called Bitcoin’s (BTC) collapse in May 2021 is predicting a massive rally for the crypto king in the coming years.

Pseudonymous analyst Dave the Wave said that Bitcoin could ascend to $350,000 by December 2027 based on his logarithmic growth curve (LGC) model.

“Though $350,000 might be…”

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