It has been just revealed that Bitcoin will be seeing a parabolic surge in price and this will be happening as the largest economies in the world are getting ready to print money. Check out the latest reports about this below.

Bitcoin to see parabolic moves

During a recent strategy session, the host of InvestAnswers addressed his 452,000 YouTube subscribers stating that the king of cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin (BTC), is in the initial stages of a parabolic move to the upside.

According to him, this is partially being driven by the poor financial decisions of governments.

The strategist referred to a chart created by crypto analyst Titan of Crypto and advised investors not to expect another black swan event to occur, which would bring the prices down again.

The analyst believes that with the US and China likely on the brink of debasing their currencies, BTC is setting up for a large move into the six-figure range.

“So many experts are expecting another anomaly to happen. Maybe there’ll be a World War III or some other black swan [event], but you can’t bank on a black swan – Covid-19 was a one in a 100-year event…

You can see here the next step after the third advance is a parabolic advance, and we are just just at the beginning of that parabolic advance. Again, we’ve never had such illiquid supply, we’ve never had so much diminishing supply, we’ve never had so much hardness in Bitcoin, and that is absolutely exciting.”

The notes continued and said the following:

“In addition, global liquidity is actually creeping up too, so again a little bit more money is in the system. More money will come – China is now deflationary [so] they’re going to print more money to get out of that mess. The US is [also] printing more money, but it’s in a covert way.”

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