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Bitcoin Wallet Amassed $3,000,000,000 Crypto Fortune in 3 Days

It’s been recently revealed that a mysterious Bitcoin wallet managed to amass a huge crypto fortune in just three days. Check out the latest reports below.

Bitcoin wallet amassed a huge fortune

It’s been just revealed that a new Bitcoin wallet has amassed a massive crypto fortune after collecting more than $3 billion worth of BTC in less than one week.

Data from BitInfoCharts revealed that the whale address has gobbled up 132,877 BTC, worth about $3 billion at time of writing, in just three days – between July 19th and July 21st of 2022.

As noted by the online publication the Daily Hodl, the wallet, which was created on June 15th, picked up 15,499 BTC for a total of $345.9 million on July 19th.

“The next day, the deep-pocketed investor ramped up the Bitcoin transfers to the tune of 45,499 BTC for a purchase price of $1.06 billion. On the last day, the whale received 71,879 BTC with a price tag of $1.64 billion.”

According to the same online publication, when looking at the high-net-worth investor’s transaction history, BitInfoCharts shows that a large chunk of the whale’s Bitcoin came from a specific Coinbase wallet, while the rest of the BTC mostly came from a wallet that was previously labeled as the richest non-exchange Bitcoin whale.

We suggest that you check out more data about the issue in the original article.

Regarding Bitcoin’s price today, at the moment of writing this article, BTC is trading in the red, and the king coin is priced at $21,944.

New Bitcoin rally on the way?

It’s been revealed that there is a closely followed crypto analyst Nicholas Merten says that market conditions have reached a point that an unexpected relief bounce that liquidates Bitcoin bears is becoming more likely.

In a new market update, the host of DataDash said that just like in July of 2021, BTC could pull off a bounce that catches most bears off guard.

He made sure to explain that Bitcoin’s major moving averages are pointing towards a relief rally to about the $30,000 range.

In order to learn more details, make sure to check out our previous article. 

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