According to the latest reports, it seems that Bitcoin will have a blast this year. Check out the new details about the price of the king coin below.

Bitcoin to explode in 2024

Macro strategist Henrik Zeberg has predicted that Bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptocurrencies will experience a parabolic rise in the near future.

In a recent interview on the Bloor Street Capital YouTube channel, Zeberg stated that crypto markets are set to experience a surge like never before.

This will be driven in part by those who missed out on previous bull runs and don’t want to miss the next one.

Zeberg has set a minimum target range of around $115,000 per BTC, and he expects this to happen slightly earlier than most other crypto bulls.

He believes that Bitcoin and crypto markets will witness a fantastic bull run in the first four months of 2024.

“[Bitcoin will be] going absolutely ballistic. I mean, it’s going to go vertical. I think we will reach at least $115,000. That’s my minimum target. I think $150,000 is also manageable, and I could also see $250,000. My guess here would be $150,000, but would not be surprised to see it only reach $115,000. So that’s where I’m seeing that.

I’m seeing a crypto run like nothing else. I mean, everybody who was not in the first round, or second round, will now say ‘Oh I missed out the first two times, I’m going to be in on this one,’ and when we start to see Bitcoin moving up above the current levels here I think that’s when – especially if the ETF announcement comes out or whatever’s going to be the trigger of it – I don’t need the trigger in my world. The structure tells me that we could see a very, very quick move and again, driven by people [saying] ‘I want to be in this move now, I was not in the Nasdaq last year and now I need to be in this or I need to be in small caps.’

He also said that Bitcoin will see an amazing four months in 2024.

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