Bitcoin is expected to try and re-test the $10k level soon, and this is a crucial resistance mark that has to be surpassed.

At the moment of writing this article, BTC is trading in the red and the most important coin out there is currently priced at $9,560.07.

Mike Novogratz is addressing a really interesting issue. He became a popular Bitcoin bull, and he anticipated that the BTC price would spike sooner rather than later.

Bitcoin is undervalued

He’s known for his predictions on BTC, and recently he said that the king coin is worth more than it’s priced at, and he believes that the price could be higher if it were easier to buy BTC.

He talked about the subject during an interview where he said that people find it pretty hard to get some BTC these days. He said that this is one of the reasons for which the coin is still undervalued according to the latest reports coming from Crypto Daily.

He also highlighted the fact that the resistance level against BTC by traditional banks was not helpful for the crypto industry.

More than that, he also addressed that traditional financial institutions are missing a lot by pushing away BTC and crypto.

All this comes right after Goldman Sachs warned their customers against BTC. This is one of the biggest banks in the world.

Bitcoin is on its way towards mass adoption

Novogratz also said that BTC does not need any validation, and it’s also important to note that there are various institutions in the US that are currently looking at BTC. These include Grayscale and others that have been buying BTC in large quantities.

One of the most important goals that the crypto industry has is the mainstream adoption of BTC and digital assets.

When this happens, the price of BTC will most likely surge to the moon – and we’re already on the right path towards this massive goal.

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