It has been revealed the fact that the ETH bull market is about to start now. Check out the latest predictions about the price of ETH.

Bitwise CEO addresses a new bull market

According to Matt Hougan, the CEO of Bitwise, the biggest crypto index fund manager globally, we are now witnessing the start of a multi-year bull market, driven by a much-anticipated surge in institutional investment.

In a recent interview with Bloomberg, Hougan highlights the impressive resilience of crypto prices despite rising regulatory scrutiny.

He also suggests that BlackRock’s recent involvement with Bitcoin (BTC) could be the final piece of the puzzle for the emergence of a new bull market.

“Prices have actually been rising since last November after the FTX debacle.”

He continued and said the following:

“So this has been climbing a wall of worry, and now we have BlackRock, the world’s largest asset manager, putting its flag in the ground and saying Bitcoin matters, and it’s an asset that institutional investors will want to own for the next five to ten years. I think we’ve entered a new era of crypto. I call it ‘the mainstream era of crypto,’ and I think we’ve entered into a multi-year bull market that’s just getting started now.”

The CEO also said that we should expect a new growth chapter beyond just asset prices.

He also made sure to state the fact that crypto equities are now on the verge of blossoming and predicted a big wave of new crypto companies entering the stock market.

Bitwise in the news

It’s been just revealed that the chief executive officer of the world’s largest crypto index fund manager says the firm’s clients are positioning themselves for the next Bitcoin (BTC) bull cycle.

In a new interview with Bloomberg Technology, Bitwise CEO Hunter Horsley said that 2022 has certainly been a bear market for crypto, but that he sees an increased amount of interest from clients.

“Crypto is down about 60%, or thereabouts – it’s changing every day. So the story of this year is definitely a bear market. Nevertheless, we’ve seen increased interest from our client base.”

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