The news has been announced by Bloomberg that a substantial financial reset is imminent. For more information, see the latest reports below.

According to Mike McGlone, the Senior Commodities Analyst at Bloomberg, there is a high possibility of a financial reset occurring as monetary policies around the world tighten.

Central Banks to increase interest rates

In an interview with Wolf of All Streets podcast, McGlone predicts that central banks will increase interest rates, leading to a significant financial realignment.

“I think we’re going to have the biggest reset of a lifetime partly because of what’s happening with the narrative [of central banks raising rates].”

A senior Bloomberg commodities analyst believes that the Federal Reserve’s global influence remains strong, and other central banks are likely to follow its actions as they have in the past.

The analyst expects a 0.25% rate hike today, with all central banks except China and Japan following suit.

Despite claims that the US is less economically significant, central banks see it as more important than ever and are struggling to keep up with the Fed.

The analyst advises against fighting the Fed, as many do, and warns against the commonly held belief that everything will be fine once the Fed stops tightening.

Regarding equities, McGlone said the fact that the stock market rally could reverse just like Bitcoin (BTC) did after hitting its 2023 high.

Bitcoin new prediction is out

An expert in macro strategy at Bloomberg Intelligence, Mike McGlone, is optimistic about Bitcoin’s future, claiming that it will reach $100,000.

However, he cautions that the crypto may face significant obstacles before achieving this milestone.

During an interview with crypto influencer Scott Melker, McGlone asserted that while he maintains his long-term forecast, Bitcoin could experience a dip below $20,000 and even hit a new low before making a comeback.

He attributes this to the Treasury bills offering over 5% and the Federal Reserve’s current monetary tightening policies. McGlone also points out that the housing market is declining and that the stock market is likely to follow suit.

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