According to former Goldman Sachs executive Raoul Pal, the digital assets market will see a massive surge in total market capitalization up to $10 trillion as more and more financial institutions invest in cryptocurrencies.

Massive money influx in the crypto space

During an interview with Michela Silvestri, Binance’s sales manager, Pal noted that family offices, who typically take on higher risks, have already shown interest in the cryptocurrency market.

Pal believes that as the next bull market or business cycle kicks in, more financial institutions will follow suit. He explained that many family offices were the first to invest in cryptocurrencies because they had the freedom to use their capital as they wished.

Pal added that most institutions have already done their research and are just waiting for confirmation of rising prices before making their move. Therefore, he expects to see a significant increase in institutional investments in cryptocurrencies.

It is believed by Pal that the cryptocurrency market could potentially reach a total market cap of over $10 trillion. This is over triple its previous peak of $3 trillion in 2021.

Retail investors and crypto adoption

Pal states that retail investors alone cannot sustain the pace of adoption, and that institutional investment is necessary to drive ongoing adoption.

Pal predicts that by the end of this cycle, the market will exceed $10 trillion due to institutions offering more products to their clients.

This will allow more money to come into the space through aggregated funds, rather than just individual accounts being opened on platforms such as Binance. Ultimately, the involvement of institutions like BlackRock will help to increase the market cap of digital assets.

In other recent news, Bitcoin and Ethereum, the top two crypto assets by market cap, are in for a tough ride, as per the analysis of a well-known crypto expert.

Nicholas Mertens, with a massive following of 511,000 subscribers on DataDash, has warned that the markets are further declining due to the lack of support from bulls.

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