ICON is back into the spotlight following various achievements these days.

On Twitter, the team announced that three would be an update on the ICON ecosystem today at 8:20 pm PST.

Check out the official announcement that the team posted on social media.

ICON Foundation to take part in #Mainnet2020

Yesterday, the ICON team shared a detailed post on Medium in which they address the ICON foundation participation in #Mainnet2020.

ICON proudly announced the participation in Mainnet 2020 by Messari which is a global event that takes place between June 1 and June 3.

This event gathered top crypto pioneers who are working hard to boost the development of the decentralized future.

According to the official Medium post: “Ricky Dodds, Strategy and Communications Lead for ICON, will join the leaders and experts in the blockchain industry to discuss recent developments within the ICON ecosystem and participate in a live Q&A.”

It’s also important to note the fact that Mainnet is a production of Messari which is the industry’s leading market intelligence company that’s focused on the digital asset ecosystem.

Also, the firm has tools and research solutions that offer customers insights to make decisions in the crypto asset space really fast.

You can check out the complete details on this exciting event in the original Medium post.

ICON team offers a sneak peek at Project Nebula

In other news, earlier today, it’s been revealed that the ICON team had another exciting announcement to make on Twitter.

ICON has been gaining a lot of popularity these days.

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