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Brave Browser backed by Chanpeng Zhao, Binance CEO, as the best Browser for Privacy

Today, Binance CEO, has stated to his over 500,000 Twitter followers to use Brave Browser for the best online privacy.

“Sorry, #Bitcoin isn’t free. (no, it’s not going to zero). Privacy is. You just have to install the Brave browser” Chanpeng Zhao said.

The browser itself

Brave browser is a browser based on Chromium. A privacy first web browser.

The browser has a big variety of privacy features enabled. Blockchain ads and also some tracking devices such as Facebook Pixel. That follows the user online.

Brave has integrated a Cryptocurrency Wallet. The supported cryptocurrency is Basic Attention Token (BAT).

Giving the users the chance to donate websites by sending BAT to them. Users can also be rewarded in BAT by watching ads.

Brave and Binance started a partnership last month. Creating a feature that allows users to trade cryptocurrencies within the browser, directly.

Basically, the Browser has a Binance Widget, that brings the chance to buy and sell Bitcoin without the need to enter the Exchange.

Extra features

Brave, also brings the chance to their users to look after their own privacy. We all have seen in other browsers the “private mode” option. But this option only hides your search history from other people who use your browser.

Brave brought the possibility to use Tor – a great way to be browsing anonymously.

Tor hides your history but adding to that. Tor also masks the user locations from the sites you visit. This, by routing the browsing through a big number of servers before it will reach the destination.

The Competition

During last year, Brave accused google of Sharing the users personal data with the advertisers. Even though European Union created privacy regulations that don’t allow companies to do so.

It is amazing how this Browser is rapidly growing. A browser brought to life last year. Although millions and millions of users are adopting it. Main focus for Cryptocurrency enthusiasts. But, it can easily become a mainstream browser, since it argues that can be faster than google chrome, even on regular browsing. While, always keeping the user private.

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