Coinbase was recently in the spotlight when the platform has been accused a lot of deliberately stopping the platform when Bitcoin goes up or drops in price.

A lot of analysts have blamed the crypto exchange for making these moves on purpose, and they used to say that Coinbase blacking out is more of a feature than a mistake/outage.

Last month, the exchange addressed the cause for these blackouts.

Brian Armstrong addresses selling blockchain analytics software

The online publication the Daily Hodl reported that Coinbase founder and CEO Brian Armstrong said that he wants to set some things straight regarding the reason for which his company is selling blockchain analytics software to the US government.

Armstrong addressed the issue on Twitter:

He continued and explained:

Armstrong also said that “Especially if you want more fiat in the world to flow into crypto over time (as I do). Blockchain analytics software is essentially just compiling publicly available data that is already out there on the blockchain, trying to organize it to make it more useful.”

We recommend that you check out the complete thread on Twitter.

He also addressed the importance of privacy coins:

Privacy coins have been gaining popularity for the past years.

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