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Bullish Signals Hit Institutions Following Cardano Upgrades

Cardano just saw a recent upgrade, and now, it seems that its effects are sending bullish sigansl to insittions. Check out the latest erpots below.

Cardano upgrades draw investors’ attention

The pseudonymous host of Coin Bureau said not too long ago that the successful upgrade of Cardano (ADA) should catch the eye of institutional investors’ next bull run.

In a new interview with fellow analyst Benjamin Cowen, Guy said that in the near future, investors would look for blockchain projects with a proven track record for completing upgrades like Cardano’s Vasil hard fork.

He also made sure to highlight the fact that the smooth upgrades like Vasil can act as a testament that those behind the technology are the right kind of people to back financially.

“Long-term, trend-wise, I think investors, particularly institutional investors – which is obviously where Cardano is lacking in that respect – but I think any investor will look at the likes of Ethereum and Cardano in the aftermath, when interest in crypto returns, and go, ‘Well, these guys were able to execute these big upgrades and they went flawlessly and I think that is testament to the caliber of people working on those projects.’”

He continued and said this:

“And that I think will be a big part of people’s due diligence in the future. Although price hasn’t done anything, I think it’s really really positive for Cardano especially.”

Guy stated that while ADA’s price performance may be underwhelming as of late, he says it’s part and parcel of the current crypto bear market, which has had the same effect on most digital assets.

“Obviously, it hasn’t really had any kind of effect on the price because this is a bear market and you know that’s that’s just what happens, unfortunately, but I kind of think as well that’s not something to get too downhearted about. I think this is real building for the future. And of course, there are upgrades ahead.”

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