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Buy DogeChain Based Shitcoins on DogeSwap DEX – Connecting MetaMask To DogeChain

In a really volatile market, DogeChain shitcoins have started pumping already, and there are even some of them that managed to reach a million-dollar market cap, so it goes without saying that all eyes are on them.

The important thing worth noting is the fact that the shitcoin and token game in DogeChain is happening at a really fast pace.

Purchasing a shitcoin on DogeChain could turn out to be a bit confusing for noobs, and that’s why we’re addressing the issue.

Buying shitcoins on DogeChain

The very first thing you should do if you want to buy some tokens/shitcoins on DogeChain is to set MetaMask with DogeChain network.

DogeChain RPC Details

If you want to connect your MetaMask directly to DogeChain, the verified RPC details are the following:

Network Name: DogeChain
‍Network URL:
‍Chain ID: 2000
‍Currency Symbol: wDOGE
‍Block Explorer URL:

Here’s the link for the bridge: 

Anyway, after you have the MetaMask address up and going, you can send Dogecoin to that address via a very useful guide shared by Gizmotimes.

Another important issue that is worth noting is the DEX that works as the market for shitcoins and new tokens to be sold in the exchange for wDOGE.

There are more DEX markets where such tokens are available and the most popular one is DogeSwap.

Regarding how to find the best shitcoins on DogeChain network, the most reliable source in this regard is DexScreener.

The platform shows all tokens on every network, including details such as market charts, the token contact address, and more.

As also noted by the online publication mentioned above, here, you can check out how the performance of each token, and the growth in the past 5 minutes, 1 hour, 6 hours, and 24 hours.

More than that, it’s also important to note that the liquidity and FDV will give you an idea of how much trading has been done and what is the liquidity growth to give you an idea of how many users have aped in already.

Another interesting thing is also the individual token page, on the right side – here, you would see all the information about the token in terms of numbers.

When you like a token, and you want to buy it, you should be heading over to the bottom right where you can find the Pair and Token Name and an option to copy as well.

Now, you have to use the contact address that is copied from there and go to DogeSwap. In the Swap section “To” you have to paste the address and it will show the token name as well.

Add it and enter the number of wDOGE that you want to invest to buy these particular tokens.

When you enter the number of wDOGE that you are spending, you will see the number of tokens that you would get, and it will also show at the bottom how many minimum tokens you’ll be receiving.

When you click on Swap, it opens the MetaMask popup to show the fee, and you can confirm buying the tokens.

This is about all that you need to know in order to be able to purchase shitcoins and get some juicy returns on the DogeChain network.

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