Can Cardano Overtake Ethereum? Crypto Trader Lark Davis Responds

The popular crypto analyst Lark Davis weighs in on the Cardano vs Ethereum debate. He addresses the pros and cons of each smart contract platform.

Ethereum is the current frontrunner

“Ethereum is maintained by the largest decentralized development community in the blockchain space. Way ahead in terms of developer – like miles ahead of the nearest chain, which is Bitcoin, and so far ahead of the other smart contract platforms as to be barely even a relevant metric due to Ethereum’s supremacy in this regard,” he said as cited by the Daily Hodl. 

He continued and said: “Upgrades on the Ethereum network have been reactive over time, though, instead of proactive. Basically, Ethereum’s approach has been to fix things as they go wrong or need improving. There have not been any real significant upgrades made to the network in a few years. That being said, Ethereum is right now in the process of the biggest upgrade in its history, called ETH 2.0.”

Cardano opens blockchain to more users and use cases

Davis said that ADA uses a newer and easier coding language that will open the blockchain tech to more users and use cases. But he also said that IOHK, the tech company behind Cardano, does not create a fully functional smart contract environment on Cardano yet.

“Everything being developed at IOHK is based on peer-reviewed, transparent, academic research. Now this is done to enable development using only evidence-based methods. Sounds pretty cool, right? However, this has resulted in a much slower-to-market strategy for Cardano, which is why four years later we still don’t have smart contracts, even though we’re getting very, very close,” he said.

Davis said that there are more decentralized apps on Ethereum, and Cardano has fewer partnerships as well. All in all, he sees Ethereum as being the winner.

Check out the video above in order to see everything that he had to say.

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