Cardano has been making headlines a lot lately due to all kinds of achievements and the hard work that the team is putting on the project.

The Cardano team has been really excited about their developments and achievements, and they make sure to keep enthusiasts updated on social media.

Here’s one of the most recent posts shared on Twitter about the Cardano Virtual Summit 2020:

Stephen Wolfram addresses physics and the blockchain

Now, the team also posted fresh footage from Cardano 2020 – in this session the guest speaker Stephen Wolfram addresses some really exciting subjects.

The connection between theoretical physics and blockchain

Cardano writes on YouTube and their special guest Stephen Wolfram of Wolfram Research and Wolfram Alpha is highlighting the connection between the universe of theoretical physics and the world of blockchain.

In a wide-ranging presentation, he’s showing that “developing a computational notation for describing the world means that contracts can be described in mathematics.”

Cardano highlights that this is vital to connecting the digital to the physical world.

Wolfram also shares his emerging theory of the physical universe.

He said, “When we look forward to ethics in artificial intelligence we need to have a language that we speak to the AI in.”

He also explained that “Physics teaches us that we can have rules that describe how the world works. We can now use programs as a fundamental description of the world.”

Another issue he highlighted was that “Simple rules mean complex behavior in the computational world.”

The video got great feedback, but someone noted this: “The fact that this presentation by Mr. Wolfram has 1300 views only is proof that Cardano hasn’t arrived yet in the minds of most folks. Still an excellent time investing in Cardano at 0.12 USD and waiting for the big bang.”

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