Cardano (ADA) and Populous (PPT) Now Listed at Binance and Poised to Grow

Two of our favorite second gen crypto-businesses Cadano (ADA) and Populous (PPT) were added to Binance overnight with Cardano within hours entering the top 10 for market volume. Binance is the 5th largest crypto exchange by market volume in the world and opens up a huge market for both coins to liquidity.

Cardano (ADA)

Cardano (ADA) we first brought you in our daily crypto update here when it was added to the new South Korean market Upbit which is backed by Kakao. Now added to Binance and sitting at #9 with ADA:BTC making over $16 million in volume in just the first hours of trading. Cardano is up 15% in the last 24 hours. Trading is now open to investors on two large exchanges and the largest market in South Korea.

Today the project posted an update to the roadmap with the big news being the development of paper wallets. Paper wallets are important in the securing of coins in an offline wallet which cannot be hacked as it is not located on the web and can be carried in your wallet. The also leads to offline digital wallets allowing spending of coins offline which sync up when connected.

This next phase also allows the engineers to focus on improvements and additions to the mainnet rather than mainnet launch. This will help implement new features faster, improve transaction times, and move to public launch. A full blogpost from Cardano can be viewed here for all the details. Cardano now has a market cap over $3.5 billion and sits at number 9 on coinmarketcap.

Populous (PPT) 

Binance was not done with Cardano. They annouced at the same time the addition of Populous (PPT) to allow BTC:PPT trades. Populous if you recall was covered here and is looking to revolutions alternative business financing through invoice financing. This is a multi billion dollar market which is currently fragmented and rife with high interest charges or heavy discounts to invoice values. Populous works on the Ethereum smart contract blockchanin technology.

Populous already has a large customer in Luxure Global Citizen when it signed a 1 billion euro deal to help with financing receivables from customers who purchase high end goods like Rolls Royce, Rolex and Cartier. Customers purchasing luxury goods tend to have lots of money and purchase expensive stuff indicating this may end up being a very large cash generator for Populous. This announcement came months before the Beta release in November which could indicate there is a large need for this type of service.

Populous is up over 12% on the news with volume building after the new listing and a market cap of $1.6 billion. Looking forward to the launch of the public beta and more announcements for finance contracts could continue to drive the price much higher. Despite having real customers and a new listing market Populous already sits at #25 on coinmarketcap.

Populous has announced the Luxure Global Citizen deal alone will start in the millions and if successful will lead to the entire invoice portfolio which could be worth billions. “We can officially state that this specific deal will be for at least 100 invoices per year. Worth roughly $3.5 Million. But we expect to take their entire invoice portfolio after the testing period, multiplying that number by a large factor.” With the current market cap at only $1.6 billion, today’s price could look very cheap in late 2018. Popolous says they have several billion dollar deals on the table which have not yet been signed or announced.

“Bigger, literal Billion Pound deals, are on the table.”

We can’t wait.

Bottom Line

Demand higher than supply drive prices higher. Opening Cardano (ADA) and Populous (PPT) to larger markets and customers will open demand with the coming news into 2018 for both of these second generation crypto-businesses.

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  • Interesting to see Populous complete such a large deal and one would assume they are financing sales to wealthy private individuals not just businesses?

  • The One says:

    Populous is crap. Paypie is THE invoice factoring platform with 24hr credit pulls. Populous depends on old out of date XBRL data that comes in annually. More room for scamming and stealing.

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