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Cardano Addresses The Mary Hard Fork, One Of The Most Important Events Since Shelley

Cardano remains in the spotlight today after the team behind the project announces that the Mary hard fork is one of the most important events on the blockchain that happened since the Shelley rollout.

Check out the tweet that the Cardano Foundation dropped on social media:

The community reacted with enthusiasm in the comments.

“The Cardano blockchain is poised to enter a phase of significant change at the end of February. For the first time in our protocol’s history, users will be able to define their own custom tokens through the multi-asset ledger, adding a new layer of functionality and utility to the Cardano blockchain,” the official blog post begins.

The notes continue and reveal that “This will be made possible through the Mary hard fork 144, one of the most important events to occur on the Cardano blockchain since the rollout of Shelley in July 2020. As part of the wider rollout of Goguen, Mary represents a step-change for Cardano—delivering long-awaited Cardano components to our community.”

Mark hard fork effect on Cardano ecosystem and the whole world

The same official notes continue and address the impact that the hard fork will have on the Cardano ecosystem but also on the wider world.

We suggest that you check out the complete blog post in order to see all the available details.

Earlier today, we revealed that Cardano’s Charles Hoskinson addressed the hard fork as well.

Hoskinson posted an update on Mary, and fans and followers were beyond excited.

Stay tuned for more Cardano-related news.

Regarding the price of ADA today, at the moment of writing this article, ADA is trading in the green, and the digital asset is priced at $0.9184. 

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