The Cardano community and the whole team celebrated a really important day when Shelley was launched.

The other day was a really big one for Charles Hoskinson and the whole team and he made sure to keep everyone updated on his social media account.

He also went live to show his enthusiasm:

126 pools already available just a couple of hours after launch

Things were moving really fast the other day as you can see below.

The whole community celebrated and Cardano enthusiasts made sure to flaunt heir joy.

Someone said: “I’ve been following and investing my humble earnings in this project since 2017. Very proud to be a part of this community. We are going to the top guys. Strap your balls on.”

Cardano just added another pillar of technology and the Foundation posted this tweet:

Also, you should tune in today for a new update that’s about to be released:

Stay tuned for more Cardano-related news.

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