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Cardano Announces The Launch Of The New Glow DevNet Program

Cardano dropped an important announcement on their Twitter account. Check out the recent post that the team behind the project shared.

Someone commented the following:

A commenter said: “I love the project but damn you guys really need some help with your branding.”

IOHK also shared another important post on social media about the Inevitable world summit.

According to the official notes on the website, the event will be “The largest mashup of leading decentralized technologists with a global network of self-sovereign influencers and micro-preneurs​ driving mass adoption of quality solutions is gathering the last weekend in February! Don’t miss the most stimulating, empowering, income-generating, idea-exploding, network-expanding, decentralized event as we kick off 2021 with no limits!”

The same notes say: “Learn, develop, connect, and grow your influencer business, crypto investment portfolio, personal brand, and add new sources of income and life-long relationships over this incredible 3-day weekend!”

Cardano releases new warning

Cardano releases an important warning on their social media account. It seems that a fake website is posing as the official Daedalus wallet site.

Check out the message that they shared on social media.

Stay tuned for more news,

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