Cardano Community Provides An In-Depth Guide To Running A Stake Pool

Cardano Community just made a really exciting announcement about a useful move that they just made.

The team dropped an in-depth guide to running a stake pool and more. Check out the official announcement on Twitter:

Someone said: “So many delegators are still picking blindly by Daedalus ranking. We need to educate our community. I don’t know how other than to constantly share the message.”

Another follower posted this message: “As a user, I dont see in Daedalus the “day reward” for my last staking and the estimated amount. It’s a detail but I would like to know the current value (in USD) without going to CMC.”

One follower said: ‘A way to promote smaller stake pools get more delegators when big pools are oversaturated, thus benefiting everyone involved!’

Someone else posted this: ‘There are plenty skilled small SPO’s who might not have large capital who are currently losing out to big pools who are saturated.’

Cardano is pushing out a new node

In other news, it’s been revealed just the other day that IOHK made an exciting announcement on their social media account and you can also check out the tweet below.

Cardano has been making headlines a lot lately due to various achievements and bold plans that the team has been releasing.

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