Cardano Community Reveals Some Ethereum 2.0 Issues

The Cardano community just pointed out some issues that could surround the Ethereum 2.0.

As we already reported by now, the hype for Ethereum 2.0, which is just around the corner has been growing at a rapid pace.

The coin’s price also saw big upwards movements these days, mirroring the success of the project.

It’s been also revealed that the first version of Ethereum 2.0 is set to be launched on December 1st. Ethereum Foundation blog post made the massive announcement not too long ago.

Here’s the tweet that a member of the Cardano community shared.

Someone asked: “Do you have an idea of how the market may react if the transition to eth2 runs into major complications? I think initially it could be bad for all altcoins. Curious as to other thoughts on this?”

A member of the community responded: “Market may react negatively for the short term. But it would positively influence the long term prospects of Cardano. @IOHK_Charles has talked multiple times about the problems ETH 2.0 may run into. So this is hardly a surprise.”

Cardano and Ethereum in the news

In other recent news, it’s been revealed that Ethereum and Cardano are leaders in terms of development activity.

Cardano and Ethreum are two important winners regarding development activity.

Check out the top that’s been shared by CryptoDiffer and retweeted on social media:

Stay tuned for more news about Cardano and Ethereum.

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