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Cardano Creator Charles Hoskinson Drops New Next-Level ADA Plans

According to the latest reports, the creator of Cardano is addressing the new plans for ADA. Check out the latest news on the subject below.

Cardano creator addresses ADA new plans

Cardano (ADA) co-creator Charles Hoskinson has just addressed a far-reaching vision of the future for crypto assets.

In a new video update, Hoskinson said that crypto projects like ADA could one day become the world’s system of finance. It’s also important the fact that he notes that the US government needs to adopt favorable crypto regulations for this to ever become a reality.

He said the following:

“It’s necessary for us to get [to] the next level. As many of you know, we want Cardano and cryptocurrencies in general to become the financial operating systems of the world.”

He continued and said this:

“And my big passion in life has always been banking the unbanked and giving the unbanked economic identity that they control, that’s self-sovereign and ultimately global in nature, and ensuring human rights, the freedom of association, commerce and expression.”

He also stated the following issues about regulation:

“To accomplish that, there needs to be a regulatory regime that acknowledges the existence of cryptocurrencies, views them as positive things, and appreciates the liberty that they provide people.”

Check out the original article posted by the online publication the Daily Hodl in order to learn more news.

Hoskinson addresses users’ hunger for ADA

Hoskinson stated not too long ago the fact that they have built a community and an ecosystem primed for mass adoption.

In an interview with Messari founder Ryan Selkis, Hoskinson reiterated the importance of taking an academic and scientific approach to the development of the Cardano blockchain.

Hoskinson also made sure to point out the fact that their slow but steady methodology is something that the community clamors for, especially during crypto winters.

take a look at our previous article in order to learn more details about this.

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