Cardano Decentralization: More Opportunities For Stake Pool Growth

Recently IOHK dropped an important announcement about the efforts towards the Cardano decentralization.

Boosting Cardano decentralization

Check out the recent announcement that the team shared on social media:

A follower said: “We did not expect that the K parameter will be increased so quickly, but it will be good for decentralization and smaller SPOs.”

Someone else posted this: “I was sensing a real danger that smaller operators will cash in their chips and change to Ethereum and Cardono will end up with 10 operators with 100 pools each.”

Another commenter wrote: “With K=500 in the upcoming December 6th change what is the expected saturation level that the pool will find itself at? By my calculations, currently sat sits at 16,46% of the 220M, so 36,212M ADA currently correct? (From info from Daedalus) 1/2.”

One other follower praised the efforts: “Happy this is happening with decentralization in mind, not sure yet of its positive effects on smaller pools. Anyhow hope our pool with ticker #SPACE gets some delegations.”

Cardano Foundation looks for ways to help amidst Covid-19 second wave

Earlier today, it’s been revealed that the Cardano Foundation is analyzing potential ways in which they could help amidst the powerful second wave of Covid-19 that has hit the world.

Check out the post that they recently shared on their social media account:

Check out some of the ideas that people in the community came up with.

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