Cardano Foundation Is Grateful To Frederik Gregaard And His Vision

Just the other day, we were addressing the fact that the new Cardano Foundation CEO Fred Gregaard is featured in a new interview in which he’s detailing all kinds of interesting things about the blockchain and the future of the tech.

Now, Cardano Foundation dropped a message on Twitter, showing the team’s gratitude to him.

Cardano CEO also said that “I think Cardano will be one of the infrastructure providers who will be able to pull this off. But this is not a one project one impact but about harnessing the power of multiple projects and getting them to work on the same causeway and not against each other. Then yes,” answering to a follower who asked if he believes that Cardano will pull it off.

Cardano in the news

In other news, the Cardano community is excited thanks to all the developments that are taking place with the project.

Another issue worth mentioning is that Frederik Gregaard recently said that those banks are interested in holding ADA rather than BTC. 

The team behind Yoroi Wallet also made sure to drop an exciting announcement.

Stay tuned for more Cardano news.

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