Cardano Foundation Releases Fireside Chat On The Future Of The Project

The Cardano Foundation just dropped a new exciting tweet about the fireside chat that’s been released on the future of the project. Check it out below.

The official notes in the blog post begin by saying “Throughout 2020, the Cardano Foundation’s Integrations Team has been working with Scantrust to develop a transactional metadata connector, which would use the Cardano blockchain as a public audit platform on which to verify supply chain data linked with physical products.”

The notes continue and reveal: “Here, we are pleased to share further details of this project with our community, as well as exploring the first proof of concept product to formally leverage transactional metadata on Cardano for supply chain tracking through Scantrust.”

We suggest that you check out the complete notes in the blog post in order to learn all the details.

Cardano in the news

Cardano has been making headlines a lot lately due to their various announcement about new achievements.

Just the other day, we were revealing that the Cardano Foundation is back with another post about the launch of KEVM Devnet.

Check out the recent tweet that they shared:

The official post notes that “On 17 December 2020, our engineering partner, IOHK, announced that smart contracts would soon be available to deploy on Cardano through the launch of the KEVM devnet 1.”

The notes continue and say that “Those of you who have been in the Cardano ecosystem for a while may remember the KEVM testnet 3 being operational for developers to explore and try out Solidity smart contract features.”

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