Cardano Foundation Releases ‘The Future Of Cardano Marketing’ Video

Cardano Foundation made the community excited with the release of a new video.

Check out the post on Twitter below.

The feedback was really positive on YouTube just al always.

Someone said: “Appreciate your work. I broke up my wallets just so that I can have one to stake 100K with you. Godspeed!”

Another subscriber said: “So far as I am concerned the product is ready. With negative interest rates and increased inflation now clearly happening the product to be offering is investment services. It is not hard to sell compounding interest every five days even in a traditional sense. Make a brand and sell it to the masses for a very simple crypto onboarding service and offer Cardano Staking in your local staking pool. The staking product is ready to market. Hit the ground with it running and get them cashed out of fiat and into Cardano.”

Cardano’s Charles Hoskinson announced new wallet backend release

Cardano’s Charles Hoskinson just dropped an important message on his Twitter account.

It’s about a new wallet backend release, and you can check it out below.

The official notes say: “This release is a step towards supporting multi-signature script addresses. It contains several fixes to reduce false negatives in our test suite so that we can work faster. The codebase is being prepared for the multi-asset Cardano era.”

Cardano Foundation also made the following announcement.

Stay tuned for more exciting news.

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