Cardano Is On Fire: Check Out The Foundation’s Announcement

The Cardano Foundation says that their project is on fire amidst the market sell-off that we’re currently seeing. Check out the post that they shared on their social media account.

Someone said: “So he is trying to convince us that crypto don’t need smart contract to be used widely ? Nice. But smart contract is essential to build the ecosystem around any crypto. Look at #BSC and how easy to launch a new token with custom tokenomics or utility.”

A follower asked: “I’m looking to buy some more cardano but hoping for a better price. There seem to be a strong price resistance around the $2 mark. Is $1.75 realistic? How low can it go?”

Cardano Foundation addresses Elon Musk’s tweet

You probably know by now that Elon Musk’s tweets managed to make the price of Bitcoin drop, but strong hands continue to hold, and they even bought the dip.

The Cardano Foundation also felt the need to address this issue. Check out the post that they shared on their social media account.

IOHK CEO Charles Hoskinson recently explained that Cardano is being built to service billions of users around the globe.

He said that the motivation behind the development of the project is based on two key questions.

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