Cardano Is Working To Deliver Fair Governance Via Decentralization

Cardano just dropped a new exciting blog post. The Foundation tweeted about the project and the team behind it who is working hard to deliver fair governance via decentralization.

Check out the post on Twitter below.

Someone commented: “It’s too bad, so few people with the technical and security experience come along to review this stuff. You guys did amazing work, too bad it’s a failed effort. Keep that resume close by.”

The original blog post begins with the following words: “Governance is central to everything we do in human society. Countries, charities, companies, and every organization in between relies on governing bodies—centralized or decentralized—to enable internal changes and decision making.”

The notes continue and reveal that “While it is almost universally accepted that some type of governance is needed, what is not accepted so unanimously is the form that governance takes.”

Cardano also said that the project’s diverse global community, and its changeable forms of governance at a national and even regional level, “are evidence that there is no perfect model.”

We suggest that you check out the original blog post in order to learn about decentralization.

Cardano announces results of the public fund

The Cardano Foundation had a really important message to share on their social media account about Project Catalyst.

Check out the message that they dropped on their Twitter below.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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