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Cardano News: IOHK Addresses The Dec. 6 K Parameter Change

IOHK shared a useful post on their Twitter account about the k parameter change which is set to take place on Dec.6.

Check out the team’s tweet below:

The team continued and said: “Because if you are delegating to a pool holding more than 64M #ADA right now, very likely it will become saturated come December 6. If that’s the case, you’ll be delegating your ADA to an oversaturated pool, and you’ll miss out on receiving your maximum rewards 2/5.”

They also noted that “So do this. Open #Daedalus and click on your current delegated pool’s tile. Check the saturation. Less than 30%? You are all good. More than 30%? Time to move. And to avoid losing rewards, you should take action TODAY. At the latest, by 21:44:51 UTC tomorrow (December 1) 3/5.”

Anyway, we suggest that you check out the complete thread on Twitter. 

New IOHK blog post is out

Earlier today, we revealed that IOHK is making headlines again after dropping an exciting announcement on their social media account. Check out their tweet below.

The blog post is called, “Blockchain reward sharing – a comparative systematization from first principles – Navigating the diverse landscape of reward-sharing schemes and the choices we have made in the design of Cardano’s reward-sharing scheme.”

We suggest that you check it out as well.

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