Cardano News: IOHK Reveals The Latest On Goguen

IOHK dropped a tweet in which a video is featured that is addressing the latest news on Goguen.

Check out the post below:

On YouTube, you can check out the timestamps for the video in the description box.

Someone said: “Thank YOU for all the hard work. I literally feel so happy to be apart of this mission.”

A follower posted this: “The quality of the people involved in this project is amazing; how solid everyone seems to be.”

Someone else said: “Kudos to Aparna Jue. She seems to be on top of her work for Cardano. I wouldn’t be surprised watching her accompanying Cardano to the top of the crypto economy.”

A commenter posted this: “Old ETH lover here. I have spent a lot of time to comp both projects (many hours of reading and watching vids) Charles made me believe, all my bags have been converted. I hope the ADA community will keep up with the development pace and grow up to insane size.”

Cardano was mentioned in CNN business

Earlier today, it’s been revealed that the Cardano Foundation dropped a really exciting annocuement on their social media account – Twitter – telling the community that Cardano has been mentioned in an article by CNN Business – the article was discussing crypto beyond Bitcoin.

Check out the tweet below:

In terms of pricing for the ADA coin, at the moment of writing this article, ADA is trading in the red, and the coin is priced at $0.159351. 

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