Cardano News: IOHK Sponsors The Haskell Foundation

Cardano is making headlines once more time following lots of important announcements about the team’s achievements and their plans for the future.

Now, IOHK dropped important news on social media:

The other day, the team also shared the following tweet:

The community received the announcements with massive excitement.

Someone commented about the YouTube video: “Thank you very much for your insights. I played around with MARLOWE, and I really like it. But I have one feedback for BLOCKLY. Would it be possible to add a [+] symbol on the empty spots of the blocks, so that I don’t have to search for the correct block on the side-menu?”

The same person said that “My idea would be that the [+] symbol would open a context menu, that only shows the possible options that are allowed to put inside the block. That would speed up the process of building and also would help to understand the workflow of BLOCKLY better.”

ADA in the crypto market

Regarding Cardano’s digital asset, ADA, let’s see how the coin is performing in the bullish market today.

As you know by now, Bitcoin exploded the other day, and the king coin was able to surpass the important resistance level of $15k.

Cardano is also bullish, and at the time of writing this article, ADA is trading in the gene, and it’s up by more than 12%. The coin is priced at $0.105058.

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