Cardano Officially Enters The DeFi Space

Cardano officially entered the DeFi space, and there’s an exciting announcement on social media about all this.

Check it out below. The Cardano Community retweeted a post by IOHK media, and reveals all the available details about the new partnership with Bondly Finance.

A follower said: “Noce work guys, bondly is loving fast in this game hats off to them. Charles your in a race car as well. We need easier ways to stake our own nodes for max return. Can you guys work in an easier setup. Thanks.”

Someone else posted this mesage: “That’s a lot of hopium,” and a follower answered: “Cardano doesn’t need hopium. It derives its value from its foundation in science, years of R&D, having one of the biggest OG’s of the industry at the helm of its development, having the largest community of professionals, achieving government adoption, etc. etc etc.”

Cardano releases new video about Project Renovare

Earlier today, it’s been revealed that the Cardano Foundation released a brand new video about Project Renovare, and you can check it out below.

Just in case you don’t know, Project Renovare is a massive refresh for the Cardano and its Foundation.

Regarding ADA’s price these days, at the moment of writing this article, ADA is priced at $0.152997.

Stay tuned for more exciting news about the projected behind Cardano.

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