Cardano Reveals New Video, Analyzes 2020

The Cardano Foundation revealed a new video on social media while remembering all the things that happened in 2020.

Check out the post below.

In the official blog post, the team behind Cardano dropped this video about Project Renovare.

In the forum notes, the team says: “The Cardano Foundation is delighted that Project Renovare 21—entitled ‘Creating change with Cardano’ for the ICAD nominations—has been recognized through this commendation.”

The notes continued and said: “Earlier in 2020, Project Renovare, and the ecosystem-wide brand refresh of Cardano was also recognized as one of the top rebranding projects 4 in the distributed ledger technology space by Bitrates, the blockchain news site.”

Check out the complete post. 

Charles Hoskinson drops a new video

Cardano’s Charles Hoskinson has the community on Twitter excited after he dropped a new video.

Check out the clip below to see what juicy things Hoskinson shared with his followers recently.

Someone on Twitter said: “It’s as if you’re talking to your software team or a specialized software guru audience. The average person will have no clue what you’re saying. If you want mass adoption, you will need to explain on layman’s terms. Maybe you can’t, or maybe you don’t care to.”

A follower hopped in the comments and wrote this: “He doesn’t need too. He’s not talking to you. He’s talking to developers and peers. Once the marketing starts, They will dumb it down for the masses.”

Stay tuned for more Cardano and crypto-related news.

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