Cardano vs. Bitcoin: Security And Energy Issues

The Cardano Foundation addresses some important security and energy-related issues in their recent post on Twitter. You can check it out below.

Someone commented: “Has anyone ever looked into the history of #Cardano, where does it come from, how did it get here. They removed half of the brilliant invention that is cryptocurrency and just generated a bunch of worthless tokens. Giant ICO years ago, still not functional.”

Another follower said: “Because it’s a proof of work system and nearly impossible to make an 51% attack with current ASICS miner hardware chip production. And even then miners can get power back with more energy used… While Ada once someone bought 51% they are in control of the network…”

One other commenter posted this: “Shouldn’t you be running Smart contracts before you reenact that energy FUD?
don’t get me wrong the 1st crypto I bought was ADA and I still have that bag. But seriously though a waste of time and code is as bad as a waste of energy. Launch already guys.”

Cardano has been making various headlines in the mainstream media due to the team’s various achievements and bold plans for the future.

Cardano addresses blockchain sustainability

Cardano Foundation addresses an important issue these days, Check out the post that they shared on social media below.

Stay tuned for more Cardano-related news.

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