Cardano Warning: A Scam Site Poses As The Official Daedalus Wallet Site

Cardano releases an important warning on their social media account. It seems that a fake website is posing as the official Daedalus wallet site.

Check out the message that they shared on social media.

Someone said: “Do you have a recommended way or method for people to check if they got a spoofed wallet? It would give some confidence that they haven’t been duped.”

More people seemed concerned following the tweet.

Cardano’s Charles Hoskinson posts an important message

Cardano’s Charles Hoskinson announces that the rocket is in the air and Mary will reach orbit soon.

A follower said: ‘HODL like you mean it ladies and gentlemen, the revolution is just on the horizon! and another follower said: ‘I don’t mean to sound illiterate, however; someone, please tell me who Mary is? Thank you!’

Cardano Foundation dropped an important announcement about an exciting event that is set to take place this week. Check out the message that the team behind Cardano posted on their Twitter account.

Stay tuned for more news.

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