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Cardano’s Charles Hoskinson Addresses The Newly Created Cardano Developer Reddit

Cardano’s Charles Hoskinson was happy to see that the community just created a Cardano Developer Reddit. Check out the message that he dropped on social media.

A follower said: “In my opinion, this should be regulated in some way and people who create applications and tokens should be held accountable for potential fraud.”

Is crypto in danger?

Someone asked Charles: “Charles, are you concerned about this new quantum computer touted to be 10 billion x faster than the Google Sycamore? Blockchain’s cryptography is said to be safe up to 4000 qubits, and with Sycamore only at 54 qubits, are we just years away from blockchain being broken?”

A follower responded: “Blockchain’s cryptography is evolving at same time quantum computers, there is an equilibrium in this game.”

Earlier today, we revealed that Forbes just posted an article analyzing whether China is about to blow Bitcoin away.

They begin their piece by noting that Bitcoin uses complex mathematical equations to secure its supply and transactions.

The online publication also reminds readers that Google sent shock waves through the internet when it announced it had built a quantum computer that’s able to solve formerly impossible mathematical calculations, and some people are fearing that Bitcoin could be at risk.

Check out our previous article to learn more about the issue.

Cardano releases news about delegation

Cardano released news about delegation and the upcoming parameter changes.

Here’s the tweet that the team behind the project shared.

Check out this relevant video as well:

Stay tuned for more relevant Cardano news.

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