Cardano’s Charles Hoskinson’s Congratulatory Message For Pfizer For The Major Coronavirus Milestone Triggers Massive Debate

Cardano’s Charles Hoskinson is really excited following the big coronavirus-related announcement.

It’s been just revealed that Pfizer vaccine is almost ready and its efficiency if of 90%.

Hoskinson congratulates Pfizer and triggers a debate

Check out Hoskinson’s announcement on his social media account.

The announcement triggered more debates in the comments.

Someone said: “Celebration of Medical Intervention for a virus that statistically has killed relatively few people compared to a normal flu year? And to which many thousands of deaths have been suspiciously attributed. The mind boggles. The human body does not need constant medical intervention.”

Hoskinson posted this message: “Well then don’t take the vaccine if you feel that way.”

Someone else said: “Convenient timing this happened right when Biden was given the nod. All I’m saying..”

A follower said: “Left bashes Trump about mentioning Pfizer is close to vaccine. Biden’s initial address to the nation after claiming victory is that vaccine is “right around the corner”. Right after the speech, Pfizer makes the announcement of findings…”

Hoskinson hopped in the comments and replied with: “Yeah, they did know this in October….”

One other commenter told Hoskinson: “Seems that many still think Covid-19 just is a new flu…But everyone that thinks that haven’t really seen what Covid-19 actually does do the body, how little chance you got if your body reacts badly on Covid-19. Really sad to see this ignorance.”

Check out the complete thread in order to see what more followers had to say.

Cardano and Ethereum are winners regarding development activity

Anyway, in other Cardano-related news, just the other day, we were reporting that Cardano and Ethereum are two important winners regarding development activity.

Check out the top that’s been shared by CryptoDiffer and retweeted on social media.

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