Cardano’s IOHK Drops New Exciting Announcement About Staking

IOHK is back on Twitter with a new and exciting announcement about staking.

Check out the post that the team behind the project made below.

IOHK continued and posted: “If you are a community SPO, and would like to be considered for delegation, check out the blog for an overview of the process in the blog. And join us for our monthly Crowdcast update on December 3 to hear more about how to apply Thumbs up #Cardano #ADA.”

They also dropped the following message: “Oh. And if you are an #ADA holder currently delegating to an IOG pool, you’ll now see something like this in #Daedalus. We kindly request that you take this as your cue to pick from one of the amazing community pools out there. And send your stake their way.”

We suggest that you also check out the blog post with all the details that you need to know about staking.

“On December 6, we’ll raise the k parameter to 500 – it was set at 150 for the Shelley launch,” the blog post reveals.

Cardano Foundation makes an important announcement

Cardano has been making a lot of headlines lately, and the team continues to pop up in the news.

The Cardano Foundation shared a new post on their Twitter account, and you can also check it out:

Stay tuned for more relevant news and don’t forget to keep your eyes peeled on the markets.

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