​Just a few hours ago, the Cardano Foundation announced on its blog that its Renovare project had been successfully completed. The project was carried out in collaboration with McCann Dublin, and its goal is to thoroughly revise and optimize the brand strategy, as well as release a new interface for the Cardano website.

The focus of the plan was on the redirection of Cardano.

Cardano to Attract Blockchain Developers and Companies

Cardano​ is to be rated as a platform for social and economic change that will have a permanent impact on the world of blockchain applications in the corporate territory but also on the individual. The rebranding fits perfectly with the recent presentation of smart contracts and the release of native assets on the Cardano​ blockchain.

The core revision of Cardano​’s identity also helps establish Cardano​ as a full-service organization that aims to implement complete solutions from the introduction to the targeted use of the blockchain in companies. 

Bakyt Azimkanov, Global PR and Communications Director at the Cardano Foundation, explains: “Working with McCann Dublin was a mutually beneficial process, and the Cardano Foundation has now successfully completed a full brand reappraisal to reflect the upcoming arrival of smart contracts on the Cardano blockchain. Branding is vital in driving value and attracting corporate adopters to the Cardano ecosystem.”

The executive further details that the reorientation will attract many new users into the Cardano​ ecosystem who are in search of innovative blockchain solutions. These companies will come from a large number of sectors, including the pharmaceutical industry, financial services, logistics, or retail.

Cardano​’s new image video was already revealed at the Cardano​ Virtual Summit and offered a complete overview of the strategic reorientation of the brand Cardano​. According to David Nurse, Group Digital Strategist at McCann Dublin, both companies have similar visions, and Cardano​ has built a strong foundation on which it can further construct its businesses for future marketing activities.

Cardano Rolls Out Daedalus Update

In the meantime, Charles Hoskinson has announced in a new video update that the latest version of the Daedalus Wallet has rolled out. Among other changes, the synchronization issue and the error that hid registered stack pools were fixed.

Cardano​ is also developing its own hardware wallet, which will be announced after some more testing. Dissimilar to the Ledger Nano X or the Trezor Model T, this upcoming wallet has numbers on one page, which can be used to enter the PIN or password.

You can watch the full update video here:

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