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ChainLink (LINK) Has Bullish Times Around The Corner, Latest Forecast Says

There have been multiple bullish crypto predictions lately, despite the price corrections that the crypto market has seen.

The latest one involves LINK, and you can check out the latest reports below.

There is a famous crypto strategist who says that Chainlink (LINK) is about to see a surge in price despite its underwhelming performance in the market last year.

LINK new bullish prediction is out

In a new interview with crypto analyst Benjamin Cowen, the host of financial education YouTube channel InvestAnswers talked about his bullish outlook for the decentralized oracle network.

“This is the oracle that has its fingers in every single pot… LINK/ETH, under the 0.008 ($26.25) level. Anytime that happens, that’s a buy indicator for Chainlink…”

He continued and said the following:

“It’s kind of consolidating a little bit right now, but I think with the addition as well as the advisory [of] the former CEO of Google being on there, nothing but bullish times ahead for Chainlink.”

Back in December, Chainlink announced that it had recruited former Google CEO Eric Schmidt as an advisor to the project.

The host continued and said that he’s a bit worried about the crypto asset’s tokenomics, but also notes that its ubiquity sets it apart.

“I believe the only thing that concerns me a little bit about Chainlink is the inflation – that’s a little bit higher than I would like, but you cannot deny how it is part of everything in smart contracts across all chains all over the world. The ecosystem is bombastic.”

It’s been also revealed that he had something to say about Ethereum as well.

“Nothing’s going to happen. Ethereum will not be overtaken by market cap by any other chain unless of course the wheels completely come off Ethereum. I think that’s very unlikely. Ethereum is slow and steady and it’s rock solid and everything runs on it.”

At the moment of writing this article, ETH is trading in the red and the second coin in terms of market cap is trading above $3,200.

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