We recently reported the fake news that was posted following a SEC and X hack, and now it seems that the Chairman of the House Financial Services Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee calls out Gary Gensler for today’s SEC disaster. Check out more details about this below.

Aftermath of SEC disaster

Here’s the relevant tweet:

Someone posted that in recent events surrounding the SECGov are raising serious concerns about potential market manipulation and cybersecurity. Following a hacked tweet regarding the approval of the first spot BTC ETF, which was later declared fake, securities lawyers assert that the SEC will have to investigate itself for potential market manipulation.

The alleged manipulation of the BTC price has sparked widespread discussion and calls for a thorough investigation. The fact that the SEC, a key regulatory body, appears to have been compromised is deeply troubling, considering the high level of security typically associated with such institutions.

Rumors of an impending approval of ETFs this week have added complexity to the situation, leading many to question the integrity and stability of the cryptocurrency market.

It’s evident that these developments warrant a deep dive into the circumstances surrounding the hack and the subsequent market fluctuations. The implications of such events could have far-reaching effects on investor confidence and the regulatory framework governing cryptocurrencies.

Earlier today, we revealed the fact that the mainstream media, including Reuters, that the U.S. securities regulator has confirmed that on Tuesday, an unauthorized individual briefly accessed its X social media account and posted a fake message.

The message claimed that the regulator had approved exchange-traded funds (ETF) for Bitcoin, a move that the crypto industry has been eagerly anticipating.

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