Binance and its CEO Changpeng Zhao (CZ) just revealed that Binance DEX, the new decentralized exchange, will allow users to control their private keys by interacting with the exchange from their very own hardware wallets.

Crypto enthusiasts have been waiting for Binance DEX with massive excitement.

CZ reveals that the platform is in the works at the moment.

All the main wallets to receive support

Binance CEO did not say exactly which wallets would be involved, but probably it’s about all the leading names on the market.

These include Ledger, Trezor, and KeepKey. Also, Bitcoinist notes that a previous image revealed the world’s biggest exchange running on a Ledger Nano S wallet.

Binance announced Binance DEX back in 2018, and ever since, the community has been eagerly waiting for its launch.

This update comes just after Binance launched its OTC trading desk which is a fea6ture that’s specifically designed for large-volume trades over 20 BTC.

Not too long ago, the US exchange Bittrex confirmed the debut of its own OTC service.

CZ advises us to prepare for a crypto boom

Binance CE has recently spoken at the Binance Blockchain Week in Singapore.

He detailed the successful 2017 and the tragic 2018 for the crypto space. CZ also said that the crypto market is extremely undervalued at the moment and many cryptos are oversold.

CZ always makes sure to tell people that the crypto prices are not that important. For him, developments and achievements are the essential things we should be checking out.

CZ revealed that he’s not usually looking at the prices in the market.

Binance is more concentrated on building rather than checking prices; they want to be prepared for the next massive crypto wave that is going to hit us.

“I’m very, very confident that this space will get so much bigger, we just got to be prepared for when that happens,” CZ said.

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