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Charles Hoskinson Kicks Off Cardano FUD; DeFi Projects Could Move To ADA

Cardano creator Charles Hoskinson addressed the fear, uncertainty and doubt surrounding ADA.

In a new Periscope stream, Hoskinson blasts naysayers for spreading rumours that Cardano is a ghost chain or a platform without a use case.

“Despite the fact that we don’t have full programming ability at the base layer, already applications like shoe authentication on New Balance and cattle authentication with BeefChain are using the metadata features of Cardano. Yet they say, ‘What are the DApps running on Cardano?’…” he said as cited by the Daily Hodl. 

He continued and said: “As if smart contracts come and there will be no demand. We’re overwhelmingly subscribed. At the moment, our company has no more capacity to service deal flow that comes in for Cardano. People come to me, unless it’s a super high-value deal, and some have, we jump them up the queue, we say ‘No’ and turn them down.”

Hoskinson also said that Cardano critics should look at the long-term picture and try to see that a road is paved for Cardano to become the best smart contract platform.

He also addressed a future where DeFi projects will be moving out of Ethereum and into Cardano for efficiency’s sake.

Cardano in the news

The Cardano community is raving over the fact that Nick Carter posted a tweet above Cardano. Check out the pst that he shared on Twitter below.

A follower commented: “Good the hear Nick. Do you want spacecoins? DM me and Ada address and Kyle [email protected] and I will send you some spacecoins running on Cardano. They are more secure and faster than Ethereum tokens. #Cardano #GoingForNumber1”

The Cardano community celebrated this achievement and the fact that ADA is seeing mass adoption slowly but surely.

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