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Charles Hoskinson Reveals Huge Activity On Cardano

Cardano makes the spotlight again following the latest reports that Charles Hoskinson dropped on social media. Check them out below.

The online publication UToday notes that in a recent video made with a new setup and software for screencasting, the IOHK and Cardano founder stated that “an enormous amount of activity” is taking place on Cardano right now.

Huge activity on Cardano is taking place now

He addressed the road map, and it’s important to note that he particularly mentioned native assets issued on Cardano, smart contracts, peer-to-peer transactions and so on.

Check out the video in which he addresses all kinds of important issues below!

A follower said: ‘love the new set up! And I couldn’t help notice you seemed really relaxed and well-rested, and that’s awesome if that’s the case. Keep up the great work, sir and know I’m new to the Cardano ADA Family, and I’m very happy to be supporting something that aims to bring positive change in the world! Godspeed to the ADA family!’

Someone else posted this: ‘Right on. I applied for the Plutus courses being hosted by Lars Brünjes. Even it fills up before I get the chance, I’ll still be making Ada apps for content creators. And hopefully, get some new developers into code!’

Another subscriber said: ‘Charles, can you show more of the team you’re working with. It seems there are quite a few of them. A Cardano heroes series would be great! I guess you’ve kind of started that already.’

The online publication mentioned above noted that the “enormous amount of activity” mentioned by Hoskinson includes large amounts of NFTs (non-fungible tokens) being issued, as well as assets on Cardano that have been created.

They also noted that after checking on the site, Hoskinson said that there are 18,460 assets on this blockchain that have been created. The network is growing fast, and it is amazing to see this, according to him.

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