It is not a secret that Donald Trump, the newly elected president, may provide new international policy, which will be different from his ancestor Barack Obama.

So, today, when the world is waiting for the words of wisdom from soon to be president, it is so important to remember about the power of global unity.

During his presidential campaign scandalous candidate gave a lot of promises, which many strategists believe will be hard to implement. With his decision to close all the borders and shut the doors to the USA, he made a lot of noise around him.

The closest neighbors of America, Canada and Mexico have already lost the ground few times while their national currencies were jumping back and forth after each new statement of Trump. It is also not a secret that he wants to rearrange their trading deal with these two countries, believing that it is the best way to raise national economy on the highest level.

As for the Asian-Pacific region, Trump probably may try to choose the hard line towards China, but, according to the main Sumitomo Mitsui Management strategist Masahiro Ichikawa, China is ready for the counter-measures.

The tension between these two countries may lead to the problems at the market. Trump has promised to crush Chinese national currency, to bring new big tariffs on Chinese import in the USA. However, American officials believe that this plan will be impossible to provide, and national economy may suffer as well after this decision of Donald Trump.