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Coinbase CEO Details Exciting Crypto Use Case

The Coinbase CEO addresses an exciting crypto use case. Check out the following reports.

Brian Armstrong addresses important crypto use case

Coinbase founder and CEO Brian Armstrong is saying that the utility of crypto and blockchain technology has expanded beyond their original use case.

Armstrong says in a new Bloomberg interview that while crypto assets were originally conceived as digital money, new use cases have emerged over time.

“The first use case of crypto was really a new form of money or this new asset class that got created… that is no small thing… that is a game changer.”

He continued and said the following:

“But beyond crypto being just a new form of money, it also became a new type of financial service. DeFi… and we saw different ways for people to do borrowing and lending and commerce payments and staking and various things like this. And so that was all very good.”

He also continued and said this: “Now the third realm is kind of what you touched on as being about decentralized social and everything. We call it Web 3.0. It’s not only a new type of money, a new type of financial services but a new application platform. Even things that have nothing to do with financial services.”

Crypto unpredicted move starts in 2023

An investor who accurately called the current bottom of the ongoing crypto bear market believes that Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) are primed to take off next month.

Chris Burniske, who is a partner at venture capital firm Placeholder, tells his 255,200 Twitter followers that his intuition is that Bitcoin will go above $30,000 and Ethereum will go above $2,000 in April.

Burniske also believes the fact that their price movement is dependent on macroeconomic forces, however.

“For much of February, the dollar and rates went higher, while crypto hung in there. If the former two start to drift lower, BTC could push through $25,000, and if ETH/BTC pushes alongside that, we could get another round of fireworks.”

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