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Coinbase Reveals Ethereum Rival Solana As Long-Term Layer-1 Competitor

Coinbase is making another important revelation, this time involving an Ethereum rival. Check out the latest reports about all this below.

Coinbase addresses Ethereum rival

The top US crypto exchange Coinbase says Solana (SOL) is poised to become one of the strongest layer-1 blockchain projects.

According to the latest reports, the Coinbase analysis says Solana is likely going to emerge as one of the top Ethereum (ETH) rivals among the multiple layer-1 blockchains. These have been fiercely competing against each other for capital and users.

“Layer-1 blockchains are currently competing to capture as much mindshare as possible from a common, albeit growing, pool of capital and users. While the intensity of this competition may be less apparent in the midst of an ongoing bear market, Solana has seemingly captured a surprisingly sticky amount of mindshare since its inception and the ecosystem is aptly focused on bolstering their technological advantages.”

Coinbase also made sure to highlight the fact that Solana suffered a setback from the FTX collapse in terms of market sentiment. The cryupto exchange also says that the smart contract platform will eventually bounce back due to its “ecosystem’s relative strength.”

“Nevertheless, the fundamental value proposition of the Solana protocol persists from a technical perspective. A blockchain optimized for high throughput, de minimis costs and native scalability, Solana represents a legitimately differentiated approach within the layer-1 landscape.”

Coinbase also stated the following:

“Given the ecosystem’s relative strength in terms of current network activity (e.g. transactions, users, development), we believe Solana is well positioned to reassert itself as a genuine layer-1 competitor.”

Coinbase releases an important update

According to a new announcement, Coinbase says they will delist BUSD in about two weeks’ time.

“We regularly monitor the assets on our exchange to ensure they meet our listing standards. Based on our most recent reviews, Coinbase will suspend trading for Binance USD (BUSD) on March 13, 2023, on or around 12pm ET.”

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