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Coinjump Adds Hundreds to Enhance its Miner Database

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With cryptocurrency trading becoming more popular world-wide in the past year, the market is showing intense volatility. Coinjump understands the toll it brings to traders, and with the brand’s goal to provide the trading conditions and rates to its global customers, Coinjump parts up with hundreds of new miners. Adding to its already massive miner database, is in line with the crypto trading company’s vision, in order to widen its client base through outstanding customer feedback and satisfaction levels.

Coinjump’s spokesperson shared that the company saw great potential in employing hundreds of new crypto miners. The company wants to thrive, even with the increased volatility in the market. The spokesperson also said that Coinjump takes pride in maintaining the high levels of trust and confidence that customers have in their exchange for the long run. The company also guarantees further service revamps, when opportunities arise to continue providing clients a reliable and efficient crypto exchange service.

What Is Coinjump?

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Coinjump was established in 2020 as an innovative cryptocurrency trading brand that guarantees accessibility and convenience to all traders, regardless of previous experience and expertise in the market. The Estonia-based company boasts a reliable and speedy exchange service where you can buy and sell the most popular digital assets today.

Coinjump is a one-stop exchange for those who want to enter the booming crypto market. You have a wide range of options for payment methods, and the company guarantees the utmost security and safety for all its traders. Coinjump prides itself on using only the world’s latest and cutting-edge technology to provide the highest level of service.

Available Cryptocurrencies at CoinJump

The cryptocurrency exchange provides access to two of the most popular digital currencies globally, Bitcoin and Ethereum. Although the exchange has limited crypto-asset offers, its products are available at some of the best prices in the market.

Coinjump offers some of the most competitive prices, if you wish to invest in Bitcoin or Ethereum. While other crypto exchanges offer tens of thousands of digital assets, Coinjump’s main feature is to offer the most attractive valuations for the hottest cryptocurrencies in the world.

However, if you want to expand your crypto portfolio, CoinJump currently doesn’t offer other types of cryptocurrencies other than Ethereum and Bitcoin.

How to Buy and Sell Bitcoin at CoinJump

Buying cryptocurrencies at CoinJump is quick and easy. CoinJump is a popular option for both first-time and seasoned traders.

Starting to trade with CoinJump is seamless with its quick and simplified signup process. To register, you need to confirm your email or phone number, whichever you use to sign up for an account. After that, it’s required to provide AML/KYC requirements, and you can start buying and selling Bitcoin and Ethereum once done.

Pros of CoinJump Exchange

  • CoinJump offers competitive rates for Ethereum and Bitcoin.
  • Simple interface, even for first-time traders
  • A small fee for crypto purchases
  • Accurate market rates for tracking

Cons of Using CoinJump

  • Not diversified cryptocurrency coverage
  • No mobile app support available
  • Not possible to hold cryptocurrencies in the exchange account.
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