Cryptocurrency NewsPress Releases Unveils Bagfuls of Golden Coins to Celebrate 100 Affiliate Milestone

Stable Tech N.V. announces the very first major milestone achieved by their flagship online crypto casino,, celebrating the significant feat of 100 affiliate deals.

To commemorate the memorable success, the Curacao-based iGaming operator has opted to gift each partner with a bag of gold chocolate coins. These tongue-in-cheek gifts bring together the symbolism of cryptocurrency coins and an ambitious message wishing CoinSlotty’s affiliate partners literal “bags of gold”, bringing forward the intention of success and good fortune in their undertakings.

According to the company’s press statement on, the 100 gift packages will leave for their respective destinations at the beginning of this month, with some of the boxes being distributed in London during this year’s ICE conference.

The Backstory of CoinSlotty’s Affiliate Reward Campaign

CoinSlotty’s inception may have been a few scant months ago, but they’ve been keeping busy since their inception in November 2022. To date, the team has brought on a good number of major crypto-exclusive affiliate partners.

Now that they’ve hit the big 100, Stable Tech N.V. is showing their appreciation with a gorgeous gift box consisting of a made-to-order medieval-style coin pouch, hand-painted golden chocolate coins, and an Apple AirTag with a UV-print of a CoinSlotty logo on it.

Cool Beans, but Tell Us More

Let’s start from the outside in, just like if we were unwrapping CoinSlotty’s gifts for ourselves.

Each CoinSlotty gift box starts like this:

At first glance, it’s a sleek, matte black box sealed with a purple ribbon complementing the brand’s signature colors. The box itself is made out of recycled materials and custom ordered to fit its contents, with magnets installed to keep it shut until it’s deliberately opened – it wouldn’t do to have what’s in the box spilling out prematurely.

Open the box and you’ll find an Apple AirTag fitted with a black carabiner nestled into a special foam compartment within. The device isn’t just any old AirTag, by the way. The team spent some time thinking about how to best represent the product and the CoinSlotty logo, testing laser engraving and UV printing before settling on the latter.

Each AirTag is nested within a custom sponge mold, then attached to a black Belkin carabiner featuring a nifty snap-and-lock design that keeps the device in place. These holders are durable and easy to attach to pretty much anything you’d put an accessory on, thanks to the convenient, sturdy, and secure metal loop and spring-loaded gate that comes with every Belkin carabiner.

That’s not all, though – the Belkin Secure Holder has raised edges and an open design to protect the AirTag from any dings and scratches while still allowing both sides of the device to be visible, showcasing each user’s personal touch if they’ve done any customization.

Alright, enough about the tech. Let’s get to the most important part of the gift package, also known as where the tidbits are kept.

Every CoinSlotty box contains a medieval-themed leather coin pouch which in turn contains a handful of golden chocolate coins. The pouches come from the small city of Samobor, Croatia, where a skilled leatherworker specializing in cowhide products and restorations has worked their magic to bring beautifully handmade leather to the hands of each CoinSlotty affiliate.

These rustic leather pouches were made using heavy-duty scissors, leatherworking machinery, and three different types of materials: synthetic leather, cowhide, and a golden string to cinch them shut. Each bag can hold around 45 coins and takes the team an hour to make, measuring about 32 cm in diameter and weighing almost 100 grams.

The golden chocolate coins are nothing to scoff at either – CoinSlotty has spared no expense in commissioning one of Croatia’s best-recognized artisan chocolate makers, the Croatian Choco Concept in the creation of the campaign’s signature items.

Based in the picturesque coastal city of Opatija, they have been creating chocolatey masterpieces since 2011. Their chocolatiers have been in the industry for decades, and they are behind some of Croatia’s signature chocolate projects such as the Baška Tablet and Molecular Chocolates.

To create these tasty morsels, a 3D design was first made to estimate the dimensions of the coins needed for the project, after which a custom silicone mold was made to begin the process of creating the delicious bespoke chocolate. Each 40% cocoa Belgium chocolate coin is hand-brushed with edible gold paint for a consistent look, and the coins are made to represent a 1 oz gold coin measuring 44 mm in diameter and 5 mm in height, weighing about 10 grams.

More to Come from CoinSlotty

This affiliate partner gift campaign sure is memorable, and the CoinSlotty team has more up their sleeve. We got in touch with their marketing team to find out more about what they have in store, and this is what we got:

According to John, their marketing lead, “The core goal of the brand is to become the community’s #1 online crypto casino. To get to that spot, we aim to establish our presence on all of the crypto-related forums, with being our first


One of the largest blockchain platforms on the internet, the BitcoinTalk community has been operating since 2009 when the original Bitcoin developer, Satoshi Nakamoto first created it. is a key source of information for anything related to blockchain, cryptocurrency, and Bitcoin, and most new cryptocurrency projects announce relevant details like important upgrades and events on the site.

Any crypto project worth its salt will make a stop at the forum at some point, and CoinSlotty is no different. We checked the forum and they have already partnered with several established members of the forum, with their ANN thread being up and running for several weeks by now.

CoinSlotty is also building a media empire by establishing themselves on Twitch and YouTube. Their goals involve replicating their success with the affiliate website industry and creating a list of 100 Twitch streamer partners, as well as creating a YouTube channel that will feature casino Twitch streamer highlights.

Further Information was launched in November 2022, quickly gaining a foothold within the blockchain community as a community-driven online crypto casino where the blockchain community can feel at home. It is managed and operated by Stable Tech N.V. under the e-gaming license No. 8048/JAZ, issued by Antillephone.

As a project, CoinSlotty is authorized by the government of Curacao. All their games are certified as “provably fair” and are ISO/IEC 17025 compliant, with industry-standard payouts ranging between 95% and 98%.

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