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Corporations To Hop Into The Crypto Wagon And Save The Markets, Nicholas Merten Says

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Mass crypto adoption has been one of the most important goals that the crypto space has set, and there are more moves that have been made in this direction. This cannot happen without the help of big players, that’s why corporations are extremely important in this regard.

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It’s been just revealed that crypto analyst Nicholas Merten explained that corporate investment into the crypto markets could be the catalyst that carries Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and the rest of the crypto markets higher towards new ATHs.

Corporations to save crypto markets

In a new YouTube video, the DataDash host made sure to explain to his subscribers that corporate treasurers will save the crypto markets sooner than many might expect.

“Corporate treasurers… could be the catalyst that actually carries us out of this recent correction that we’ve had in December and January. I do believe we are going to see it faster than we may expect.”

Merten also said that corporate treasurers are pickier than the average investors when choosing their entry points.

He explained the fact that with crypto markets trading at a big discount from their all-time highs, and the big corporate players may be looking to rotate into nascent space.

“Corporate treasurers are not going to buy at new all-time highs. They buy when assets are at discounts. They rotate assets in their balance sheet, whether it’s up, you know, just basically cash, buying it on a discount, or maybe, for example, their equity plays have been doing really well, and now, they’re going to lock in some of those gains and rotate to fixed income assets like bonds or treasuries. Or into a new asset class, like cryptocurrencies.”

He also highlighted the fact that this is the way in which a corporate treasurer thinks. They usually buy at discounts when no one else is willing to buy.

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